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Interior Lights

Dual Dimmer Control Module
Product ID : M-DIM-SY256D
Dual Dimmer - Takes any 12-volt lighting product from full-bright to full-dim.
Red Laser Widow
Product ID : LSW-100
Creates a dazzling laser show inside your vehicle.
RGB Super-Bright LEDs
Product ID : LED-SRGB16
Create a dazzling light show in your vehicle.
Single Color Super-Bright LEDs
Product ID : LED-SWT36
Great way to add a splash of color to your vehicle's interior.
LED Interior Light
Product ID : ICL-5001
Stylish light features 4 super-bright LEDs.
LED Bulb - Replacement for Oval Interior Light
Product ID : ICL-3012
Replacement LED for oval interior light. Bulb only, does not include housing.
LED Oval Interior Light
Product ID : ICL-3000-LED
This version features a long-life LED bulb.
Copilot Map Light - Replacement Halogen Bulb
Product ID : CRL-BULB
Halogen bulb replacement
Copilot Map Light - 11" Neck
Product ID : CRL-16
Ideal for passenger and driver reading - 11" Neck Lighter Socket Mount
Copilot Map Light - 8" Neck
Product ID : CRL-LM
Ideal for passenger and driver reading - 8" Neck Lighter Socket Mount