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Our MastrAir product line, which is manufactured and distributed through our Elkhart, Indiana facility, features a complete line of evaporators, condensers, fans, fittings, and accessories for all of your climate control needs. Whether it's a limousine, bus, Sprinter or van, we have the components necessary to install a new system or retrofit an existing one. Our team of HVAC experts are ready to assist you with any technical questions you may have.
Shrouded 3-Fan Condenser
Product ID : AC-CON028
Shrouded 3-Fan Condenser | Powder Coated | Ideal for tight spaces (limo)
Shrouded 2-Fan Condenser
Product ID : AC-CON022
Shrouded 2-Fan Condenser | Powder Coated | Ideal for tight spaces (limo)
Shrouded Piccolo Condenser
Product ID : AC-CON026
Shrouded Piccolo Condenser | Powder Coated
Apex 210 Low Profile Rooftop Condenser
Product ID : COMCON011
Apex 210 Rooftop Condenser | Bus Condensers
Apex IV 4-Fan Rooftop Condenser
Product ID : COM-CON009
Apex 4-Fan Rooftop Condenser / Bus Condensers
Alpine Series 453-E Bus Evaporator
Product ID : COMUNI002
453-E Bus Evaporator | Cooling/Heating
Alpine Series 400-E Bus Evaporator
Product ID : COM-UNI032
400-E BUS Evaporator | Cooling/Heat
X-Press Cool-Only Unit
Product ID : ACUNI114
X-PRESS Cool-only unit | Evaporator
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X-Press Cool/Heat Unit
Product ID : ACUNI112
X-PRESS Cool/Heat unit | Evaporator
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X-Cel - Cool/Heat Unit
Product ID : ACUNT001
X-CEL Cool/Heat Unit | Evaporator
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